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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Are you looking for Happiness?

As a human being we are always in search of this elusive feeling called Happiness. Isn't it?

The writer does a brilliant job by asking it right away.

So, are you looking for Happiness?

But wait, what is Happiness really?

Eva Eland who is also the illustrator of this wonderful book illustrates Happiness as a cheery neon pink, amorphous figure who almost feels like a cuddle when you look at it.

While Happiness could mean different things to different people, the common feeling remains the same. At peace with yourself.

Now where does one find that?!

Sometimes it's right there.

In a gift, in a hug, in your salary cheque, on a plane to a new destination.

Sometimes it could be hidden and you might take some time to realize that it is actually truly Happiness, right there.

In a long walk, under the shade of a really old tree, in your mother's recipe, in your dad's cologne, in the little things.

This book is a wonderful reminder that this elusive feeling is not really elusive;

it's always there if you stay patient and look closely.

You don't have to go looking for it.

It's sitting right there, in the sparkle of your eyes, in that simple curve called smile.

Happiness begins with you, you just have to look close enough.

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